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Gulf Coast FCS Kali class 4/18/14

7 hours kali class today, we ran class from 3:00PM – 10:00Pm tonight. Covered a lot of material today. 1-36 of stick form with Formal salute. Application of the form Basic strikes Striking mechanics Footwork drills Coordinating stick and footwork Range awareness and ranging in and out 4 count with hand changes Punyo mano Flow drill with roof and umbrella A little 6 count sumbrada Mano Mano Template with comparison to knife template 1 Mano Mano form with application, formal salute and application  

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Survival Skills Seminar

Survival Skills

Survival Skills Seminar 2 Day event May 17th and June 21st So you think you are ready for when the zombies come, when a natural of manmade disaster comes! Your good with a gun, have some skills with a blade. What happens by day 3, 5, 10 a month or more. In the woods with no water, food and shelter, those are the three most important things you need to survive. Join us and learn some critical survival skills This will be a two day class, one day of classroom and one day out in the field utilizing the skills…

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Guro Ernie FCS Kali – Panantukan- Inosanto / Lacoste Kali Seminar

Click here for Seminar Link An event you don’t want to miss, mark your calendars. Click here for Facbook Seminar Link or go to our seminar page on our website to register. Come join us on My 29th as we host Guro Ernie for a day of fun and training. Guro Ernie will share with us his knowledge and passion for FCS Kali and Inosanto/ Lacoste Kali. The seminar will run from 9AM-4PM, with a quick break for lunch He will cover empty hand, blade and stick. Cost is $40.00 early registration, $45.00 at the door. The seminar will be…

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2 Day Survival Class

We will be offering a two day survival class on April 17th and May 17th and June 21st. This class will cover wild land navigation utilizing maps and compass skills, how do obtain food from the land, shelter construction, building a fire, first aid and other valuable survival skills.This class will be taught by one of our own, a US Army Paratrooper and Special Operations Medic for over 8 years with multiple combat deployments. This will be a day of classroom and a day out in the field with an opportunity to utilize the skills you learn. More details to…

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